Welcome to Ellibs ebook downloading service

Before you can start reading ebooks, you must install the Adobe Digital Editions program on your computer.

You can download the program free of charge from the Adobe Digital Editions website. Please note: To read ebooks on more than one computer or device, you should open an Adobe ID account when installing the program. For instructions, go to: http://www.ellibs.com/node/146252.

To read ebooks on an iPad, iPhone or an Android device, you need the BlueFire Reader. For instructions, go to: www.ellibs.com/instructions.

You can check the correctness of the installation with Ellibs test file. After you have opened the test file on your program, you can start downloading the ebook.

If you have trouble downloading the ebook, you can try again after five minutes. After a successful download, your test ID will stop functioning.

After downloading the ebook, you will find it in your Adobe Digital Editions next time when you open the program.

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